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As a bike shop you have unique needs that go beyond your traditional retail store, from handling repairs to managing and maintaining an extensive bike & bike part inventory you require POS software that can keep up. That’s why when comparing the best bike shop POS systems the choice you make for your business matters.

Not only will the POS system you pick determine what capabilities you have access to (think features like inventory management/inventory scanners, credit card readers, reporting, etc), it will also impact how efficiently your employees can work.

Below we evaluate and review the best bike store POS systems currently available on the market, covering the software and hardware features that will matter to you. 

Top Bike Shop POS System

Lightspeed POS (Best Overall)

Lightspeed is an innovative and extensive cloud-based POS system that provides solutions built specifically to meet the demands of bike shops.  

A system that has grown in choice over the last several years, Lightspeed is now utilized by 1 in 2 bike shops in the United States.

Designed with input from bikers the platform takes into consideration the needs of bike stores that run online stores, in addition to brick & mortar locations.

Providing a broad range of unique features like cloud-based inventory management, integrated supplier catalogues, serialized inventory, and eCommerce software to grow an online store.

The 5 Best Bike Shop POS Systems

1. Lightspeed POS (Best Overall)

Product Review

The fact that 1 in 2 bike shops in the United States use Lightspeed as their chosen POS speaks volumes to the solution this company provides.

From an intuitive, user-friendly interface, to a range of features tailored specifically to bike shops like robust inventory management, serialized inventory, and integrated supplier catalogues; bike shop owners can rest easy knowing their business is covered.

In addition to the features noted above, Lightspeed also offers a range of eCommerce and marketing solutions to take your bike shop online, allowing you to generate revenue even if your retail store is closed. 


Overall Lightspeed is a POS built for the modern bike shop, with its thoughtful integrations, inventory management, reporting, and price, it’s tough to go wrong.


Reporting and Insights

Lightspeed POS provides advanced reporting and analytics features to help you better understand your business and it’s performance. 

Easily track online & offline sales, return customers, high selling products, and more.

This functionality helps you and your employees learn more about your customers and make better business decisions for your bike shop.

Inventory Management and Tracking

As a bike shop, inventory management and tracking are critical to the success of your business.

Whether it’s keeping track of all your bike models, repairs, or bike parts your diverse inventory necessitates strong inventory management software and that’s where Lightspeed really shines.

Lightspeed POS system provides a range of features designed specifically for bike stores, including serialized inventory and tracking, that give you clear visibility into your stock. 

Purchase Orders

Simplify your operations and order from multiple suppliers and integrated supplier catalogues within once place via Lightspeeds purchase order feature.

Now you can order products from your usual suppliers like QBP, Giant Bicycles, and Bicycle Technologies International without having to navigate multiple platforms.

This is an understated feature that truly makes bike store owners’ lives that much easier.

Serialized Inventory Manager

As you already now, bike stores often have large and complex inventories that require specific software to track.

Lightspeed has you covered on this front with a serialized inventory manager that allows you to keep track of all your parts and accessories, in addition to your bikes and warranties via serial numbers.

Repair & Service Tracking / Work Orders

Selling parts and bikes is one part of your business, but maintenance and repairs aren’t to be overlooked! 

To run your business properly you need a POS that can handle these unique services and automatically report on them for you, that’s where Lightspeed work orders come into play.

You will have the ability to monitor all your repairs and maintenance services from one place, allowing you to keep track of progress and drive more revenue.

2. Vend POS

Product Review

Vend is a good option for bike shops with a large inventory that require additional functionally to manage a diverse range of SKUs.

Offering a great inventory-management suite, multi-store reporting, marketing & promotional software, and a range of payment options, Vend covers pretty much all the needs a bike shop owner could have. 

This explains why Vend is currently used by over 25,000 stores to date.

Additionally, they back up all these features and stats with 24/7 customer that isn’t a pain! Making it a breeze to get back to running your business when you face any issue with your system.


Depending on what you value Vend is a great option. For bike shops that have a large, and varied inventory than Vends inventory management and low startup costs make it a POS to consider.


Multi-Store Support

If you manage multiple bike shop locations you know how much of a hassle it can be to keep track of inventory, set up your POS for new locations and transfer inventory.

With Vend you gain access to a POS system that’s built from the ground up to handle multiple locations, with the ability to easily add new locations and registers, iPad App/ web-browser functionality, and the ability to operate offline. 

Inventory Management

Vend makes it easy to manage and import new inventory into your store. With built-in inventory management, you can conveniently add or remove items, track stock levels, and order new products within one place. 

Say goodbye to out of stock notices, and a lack of visibility into your operations and simplify how you handle your inventory. 

Real-Time Reporting

Real-time reporting gives you the ability to easily track your sales, busiest hours, best selling products and more.

You can also increase its power by integrating with a range of third-party software providers to enhance your insights and customize your reporting framework.

24/7 Customer Support

If you’ve ever been stuck at your shop and had your POS terminal go down you know how stressful it can be. That’s why having easy access to customer support matters.

With Vend you get 24/7 priority phone support with all plans, in addition to an extensive help center that includes articles and videos on every topic you could think of.

3. Shopify

Product Review

If affordability and ease of use are top of mind when considering a new POS system for your bike store then Shopify may be the option for you.

Featuring an extensive eCommerce store builder, inventory management, a large app ecosystem, and a simple backend Shopify is well suited for smaller bike shops, or stores focused on online sales.

This is made even better when you consider Shopify offers a range of plans that give all stages of business the chance to begin processing orders and payments. Meaning you are guaranteed to find a price point and feature packages that fit your needs.


Shopify is the eCommerce store builder of choice for thousands of businesses. If you operate your bike shop primarily via online channels and value affordability above all then this option may be worth your time to consider.


eCommerce Store Builder

With Shopify you gain access to more than just a POS system, If you don’t know by now Shopify also provides one of the leading online store builders.

Their eCommerce store builder makes it easy for any bike shop to begin selling online with pre-built templates, an easy drag-and-drop builder, and an intuitive interface that is easy to manage for even the least technically inclined.

Smart Inventory Management and Tracking

Shopify has invested heavily in its inventory management capabilities over the past couple of years and it shows.

With their recent acquisition of Stocky you can now easily transfer and count inventory, create purchase orders, forecast demand, and create detailed inventory reports without the need for multiple software solutions.

Large App Ecosystem

If you require additional functionality to drive more online conversions, improve analytics or customize your shopping cart than Shopifys app ecosystem has you covered.

With thousands of apps to choose from your guaranteed to find a solution to your problem if Shopify doesn’t already cover it.

Payment Processing

Access low-cost payment processing services from Shopify out of the box, or select your preferred payment processing provider.

You can accept all kinds of payment types (cash, visa, debit, apple pay, etc),  rest assured you’re not going to be hit with hidden fees.

24/7 Customer Support

Shopify has phenomenal customer support with a team that’s ready to help you 24/7 with any questions or problems you may have.

They also provide tons of great resources, help articles, tools and templates to help you get started without much delay.


With built-in email marketing tools and integrations with leading ad platforms including Facebook and Google, you can run all your bike stores marketing directly from Shopify without much hassle.

4. Hike

Product Review

Finding a point of sale system that’s built specifically to meet the needs of your bike shop can be tough, Hike manages to fit that bill. 

With an extensive range of features including cloud-based inventory management, the ability to easily add new registers/ outlets (multi-store functionality), online & offline connectivity, customer loyalty programs, and multi-platform accessibility – Hike has you covered.

The platform is particularly well suited for stores with multiple retail locations that require additional functionality like the transferring of stock/inventory between locations and the ability to quickly add new registers.

Features like these not only make it easier to operate your business, they also make your employees more efficient and save you money in the long run.


If you’ve been looking for a simple POS system that can handle online and offline sales as well as multiple retail locations than Hike is worth considering. 


Online Sales

Hike provides an online store that connects with your POS allowing you to handle online and offline sales with ease.

Prefer another eCommerce store builder? Hike also integrates with leading platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce so you can tailor your system to fit the way you like to run your business.

Inventory Management and Tracking

Hike allows you to keep track of large inventories with ease, never lose a pedal or pair of hydraulic brakes again when doing your next inventory count.

Additionally, once set up you can easily sort and categorize your inventory to make your employees more efficient.

Online & Offline Connectivity

Never lose a sale again due to a loss in internet connectivity. With Hike you can operate your POS offline without any problems, once your back online all your transactions will seamlessly sync to the cloud. 

Customer Engagement

Run loyalty programs and provide points to returning customers with Hikes built-in customer engagement tools.

5. Alice POS

Product Review

If you’re on the lookout for a POS that can help drive more revenue, improve your reporting and make managing multiple stores easier than Alice POS could be a good choice.

While being a smaller company, the Alice POS system managed to meet our expectations and more, coming packed with a range of features including rentals & repair management, cross-selling functionality, inter-store inventory transfers, gift cards, inventory control, and a broad range of integrations that are often only found in more expensive solutions. 

One thing to consider if evaluating these options is that due to their size their customer service may not be as fast as other options in this list, so if that’s something you value, some of the larger incumbents may be a better fit for you. 


A solid contender for those with multiple bike store locations who require additional features like inter-store inventory management and inventory control but are on a budget. 


Repairs & Rentals Management

Manage your bike shop rentals and repair business with solutions built specifically to support these types of services.

Giftcards & Memberships

Generate more revenue with gift card and membership software that enables you to provide new products to your clients.

Inter-store Inventory Transfers

Easily transfer inventory between your retail locations and track where your products are going.

Finally, you can balance your inventory and gain more control without requiring a custom solution or multiple platforms.

Desjardins & Moneris Semi-Integration

Reduce payment issues with partial partner integrations with Desjardins and Moneris.

Bike Shop POS System Buyers Guide

Buying a POS system for your bike shop is a big decision. Not only will it impact how you accept and process payments, track inventory and report on sales, but you’ll also most likely be using it day in day out for years.

As a result, choosing the best point of sale (POS) system for your bike store matters. To help with this decision our team has covered some of the key areas you should be evaluating for your store below.

Repair & Rentals Tracking

A large component of most bike stores revenue consists of repairs and rentals, meaning software that can handle these types of services for you matters.

When reviewing POS options ensure the provider has thought about these types of issues and provides tailor-built work order solutions to support them. If they don’t you may be best off considering another option.

Robust Inventory Management

From pedals and kickstands to various different bike models and helmets sizes, bike shops have a lot of complex inventory to keep track of at any given time. That’s why a POS system that features a robust inventory management system matters.

You will want to consider features like multi-dimensional inventory management, serialized inventory, and inventory transfer capabilities that will help you run your store more efficiently. 

Layaways & Special Order Management

Bikes are expensive nowadays this has led many customers to consider layaway options as a pathway to purchase. Additionally, high-end bikes are in demand and are often special order items.

POS solutions that can support these unique demands will help resolve a lot of headaches down the road for you and employees.

Marketing: Giftcards & Cross-Sells/Up-Sells

Customers are what drive a business forward. If you’re looking to sell more bikes this coming summer tools that can help you get your message out to the world can go a long way in helping you generate more revenue.

Consider whether your POS comes with loyalty program functionality, email marketing tools, built-in upsell capabilities and other marketing tools that can help you drum up demand.

Multi-store Inventory Transfers

Running multiple locations? This comes with it own set of challenges you will want to consider such as inventory controls, multi-store inventory transfers, and multi-store reporting.

Being able to easily transfer inventory between locations when you’re out of stock at one location can really help you establish a consistent customer experience and drive more revenue.

This is a feature that can go overlooked but if you have at least 2 locations it can help solve a lot of challenges.


Choosing the best bike shop POS system for your store can feel like a difficult decision but it doesn’t have to be. Having covered the leading options currently available including Lightspeed, Vend, Shopify, Hike, and Alice POS you should be well equipped to make a good decision.

Just make sure to consider important features like inventory management, online & offline connectivity, reporting & analytics, as well as multi-store functionality when making your purchase and you should end up with a good solution.

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