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At The Rise Small Business, we create actionable education for small business owners & entrepreneurs.

We are here to help those who are looking for advice, how-to’s, reviews, and news on everything from work from home trends, to business loans, and credit card processing.

With so much out there today it can be tough to find the right information you need to make that next purchase or business decision. 

Our goal is to provide our readers with the most informed, data-backed, and honest reviews we can on business products and services to enable small business owners and entrepreneurs to make the right choices. 

Why We Do This

We’ve been frustrated with the quality of online reviews and how-to’s online to date, not only are most of them poorly researched and written but they also tend to prioritize affiliate partnerships.

We’re building the small business & entrepreneurship resource we wish we had from the start. As we face new challenges and learn about new topics we’ll be documenting it here via new articles and news.


Why The Rise Small Business?

We’re a team of finance, startup, and small business nerds with 10+ years in the trenches managing or leading high-growth businesses, we want to share our knowledge while building a resource for new entrepreneurs to enjoy. 

Our Founder

Ryan is the Founder & Editor-In-Chief of The Rise. 

As editor-in-chief, Ryan sources, curates, edits, and reviews all content for our growing blog. In addition to content curation and editing Ryan also works with our team of writers to constantly research new topics to ensure our resource stay’s up to date and on trend. 

He started his career as an intern and soon, business development lead in university for two educational technology startups.

After graduating he went on to work as a Marketing Operations Manager for a leading restaurant POS software provider, before taking on progressively more senior roles in the fintech & logistics sectors as a head of growth for a leading small business lender, then a VP for a logistics company. 

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Ryan W

Founder / Editor-in-Chief

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