HASCAP Loan CIBC (Overview)

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The Government of Canada’s Highly Affected Sector Credit Availability Program (HASCAP) Guarantee helps provide businesses with accessible capital for day-to-day operating expenses. As one of Canada’s largest banks, CIBC has been included in the list of financial institutions in which you can access a HASCAP loan. As per CIBC’s press release, existing CIBC business clients […]

HASCAP Loan RBC (Overview)

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As of February 5th, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has been accepting applications under the HASCAP guarantee and is proud to support the Government of Canada’s program that will ensure access of amounts ranging from $25k to $1 million for qualifying businesses day-to-day operating costs. The program will be provided to eligible RBC clients that […]

HASCAP Loan Scotiabank (Overview)

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Access a HASCAP loan at Scotiabank if they are your primary financial institution. As Canada’s 3rd largest bank by market capitalization, Scotiabank was chosen by the BDC to provide funding to small businesses under the HASCAP Guarantee. To access financing under this program you must have witnessed a significant revenue decrease as the result of […]

HASCAP Loan TD Bank (Overview)

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HASCAP loan: TD Bank is one of the banks / financial institutions selected by the Government of Canada and the BDC to provide flexible, low-interest term loans to businesses deemed highly affected by the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. This program is currently available at TD bank to small-to-medium-sized Canadian businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector […]

HASCAP Loan National Bank (Overview)

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As one of Canada’s six largest banks, National Bank was selected by the Government of Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to provide low-cost financing under the highly affected sectors credit availability guarantee program. This program is intended to support businesses in the tourism, art, hospitality, and travel sectors that have witnessed […]